Peace In A Tin Can

Peace In A Tin Can

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Different Kind Of Travel

Due to all kinds of stuff hitting the fan, I am finding it increasingly difficult to sit down and write, but in an effort to keep my blog going, I want to take a quick moment to tell you about a different kind of traveling experience.

My teenage daughter will be traveling to Jamaica for the third time this April to embark on an extremely fulfilling journey.  She doesn't travel on Spring Break to relax and sit on a beach with friends, she chooses to travel to a part of Jamaica that most tourists never see.  She participates in a Mission trip to help the poor, the sick, and the forgotten.  Through the wonderful efforts of her Priest, each year a group of 50 students participate in this life-changing experience, and because the students are so affected by their time spent in Jamaica, the Mission trip has become quite popular at the school and this year Fr. Rose had to increase the group size to 65.

My daughter is most affected by the joyfulness of these people.  They have nothing, yet each morning they greet their day with joyful prayer to God, full of gratitude for the blessing of life.  The people of Jamaica have given my daughter far more than she gives them; they have taught her the lesson that God has a plan that is not ours to question.  She has learned from them that joy comes from a choice to be loved by God.  I cannot find the words to adequately express what this trip has meant to my daughter, but Fr. Rose has captured it beautifully in a video that I would like to share with you.  I hope you enjoy watching it, and if it leads you to a yearning to travel with a purpose, more information can be found at
IsleGo Missions

Happy travels all!

IsleGo Mission Trips - Video