Peace In A Tin Can

Peace In A Tin Can

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Happy Child's St. Patrick's Day!

My youngest child, Nina, came into our lives a little later than expected.  My other children were already in school when my doctor announced I was - quite shockingly - pregnant.  We knew from the beginning that she would be the piece we never knew was missing from our family, that Nina would bring a special joy to us to complete our clan.

She has.  But because she came along later in our lives, she has grown up surrounded by adults, which has made her more mature than other girls her age.  She is adored by our grown up friends for her ability to converse intelligently with them on a wide range of topics, and don't even get her started on politics unless you want an earful of insightful and passionate opinions.  Sometimes, Nina seems so grown up, it is easy to forget that she is still, at heart, just a little kid.

Yesterday, as Nina's daddy settled in his Lazy Boy for an afternoon of Big 10 Basketball viewing, and I finished up the laundry, Nina announced she had a surprise for St. Patrick's Day.  She hid out in the art room, and later insisted her father get off his butt and take her to the craft store.  She worked very hard all day to give us an Irish celebration this morning.

First, she colored Shamrocks on paper, putting silver glitter glue around the edges.  Once the glue dried, she cut the shapes out and put them up all over the kitchen.

Then she decorated with garland…

…and made a poster…

…and created a centerpiece for the table.

Viola!  A St. Patrick's Day feast awaits!

Nina went to bed early, then rose this morning very early to get ready for Mass before completing her surprise.  I walked into the kitchen for my morning coffee, and Chef Nina was already busy.

She had the griddle on, and was making green pancakes!

Topped off with Lucky Charms!

Nina even decorated the syrup ladle…

Then she called us all to breakfast, and Chef Nina presented our meal.

We sat down to a lovely St. Patrick's Day breakfast, courtesy of Nina…

…and we all agreed it was very, very good!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, and no matter how old you are, you are never too old, or too young, for the magic and tradition of the wearing o' the green!