Peace In A Tin Can

Peace In A Tin Can

Sunday, November 10, 2013

In Memory of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, November 10, 1975

Whitefish Point
I have stood on Whitefish Point, watching two ships pass which from my vantage point seemed too close, and seen them safely on their way.  I have paddled the sheltered waters of the Bay where gentle waves rolled my vessel to and fro, but did not steer me off course.  I have been a sentinel on Twelve Mile Beach during a storm, and bore witness to the fury of the Great Lady, Superior.  Her blue skies and calm waters will turn on a dime, and as if a woman scorned, Lake Superior hath the fury of Hell to unleash on the ill prepared.  She is fickle and mean, and knows not what spurns her anger.

Twelve Mile Beach
I have loved Lake Superior in all her forms.  She is peace and energy, light and dark.  She will display her trickery to fools, luring them further from the safe haven of shore and shelter until she has you in her grasp, only to reveal her true form in a flash of foam and wind, releasing her elements to the sky above even as they rain back down.

She whispers "don't blink!" and takes advantage when you do.  She sings her lullaby as you drift into a dream state, then bangs her drum and clangs her cymbal to awaken you to her storm.  As quickly as you fell in love with her, you will come to fear her, loathe her, and scream your insults to her deaf ears. She does not care.
But I have stood on her shores and listened to her song.  If I tune my ear to the wind that blows in my face, I can hear Lake Superior laugh at me, for she knows I love her, but can never understand her, can never be with her.  She only reveals her real beauty to those who succumb to her and plunge in icy depth to her feet.

I love Lady Superior, but do not know her.  I pray I never do.

In memory and honor of the 29 men who lost their lives aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald 38 years ago today, to the fury of the November Gales on Lake Superior.  Once succumbed, they were cradled in her arms for eternity to become part of her.

May they all Rest In Peace.